Welcome to Department of Human Relations

The department offers major programs in human relations, sociology, and nonprofit leadership and management. Through these programs, the department's major goals are to provide opportunities for students to:

  1. pursue an understanding of human nature and development from organizational and sociological perspectives;
  2. develop a broad-based understanding of human behavior and social relationships;
  3. enhance their knowledge of American society, its social institutions and its current problems;
  4. explore the diversity of people and cultures from around the world;
  5. apply scientific methods to produce knowledge which can be useful for understanding and addressing individual and social problems;
  6. develop critical reasoning and problem solving abilities, communication skills, and ethical concerns as tools for working and living;
  7. specialize in areas of study in preparation for entry into a career or graduate school.

In addition to academic programs, the department offers students the opportunity to participate in off-campus experiences and self-assessment workshops which are designed to prepare students for a profession or career.