B.A. Human Relations - Course Descriptions

HRE 2200 Advanced Interpersonal Relations (4)
The course addresses the challenge of effective interpersonal relationships and organizational success combined with the ability to relate and respond effectively with customers, coworkers, superiors, and important others through a mastery of human communication skills. Giving and receiving constructive feedback, effective listening, responding to organizational communication challenges in a manner that facilitates creative problem solving, accurately interpreting nonverbal messages, and interpersonal communication strategies will be introduced and demonstrated. Prerequisites: HRE-1550

HRE 3220 Leadership Development and Group Dynamics (4)
An exploration of workplace strategies individuals can utilize to develop high performance groups resulting in the completion of organizational objectives and the development of job satisfaction. Methodologies to be addressed include the identification of leadership style and skills, empowerment, cooperation and motivation strategies, the implementation of creative problem solving techniques, and the process through which group dynamics and leadership are developed and maintained. The student will experience a broad range of leadership and team building exercises through a significant project involving in-depth observation and feedback. Prerequisites: HRE-1550

HRE 3550 Project Development and Management (4)
Introduces specific techniques and insights required to implement projects; explores problems of selecting, initiating, operating and controlling projects; addresses the demands and skills needed by project managers; and encompasses the challenges associated with conducting a project involving diverse people and organizations. A faculty supervised project is coordinated and completed in a workplace setting. The project requires implementation and management of a project proposal and action plan. Prerequisites: HRE-1550 and HRE-3220

HRE 3710 Service Learning Practicum (2)
An exploration and practical application of the human relations skills necessary to strengthen a student's ability for successful career development. The student will identify and develop strategies supporting professional objectives and goals. An internship portfolio, personal self-assessment inventories, a professional resume, and 40 hours of service learning within a student-selected and instructor approved professional environment will be completed. Prerequisites: HRE-and NPL-majors only or permission of instructor

HRE 4110 Undergraduate Research (4)
Undergraduate Research is designed to allow students to develop and practice research methods, such as independent project design, data gathering techniques, data analysis, and report writing, in collaboration with a faculty member. The course will expand on topics covered in the Policy and Research Methodology course. Students must contract with a faculty member to work on an existing research project or to develop a new project, and a specific list of responsibilities must be developed prior to approval. Credit is variable, and depends on the quantity and depth of work. Prerequisites: HRE-4880

HRE 4120 Independent Study (4)
The study of a particular research problem with the permission of the department chair and under the supervision of a faculty member in Human Relations.

HRE 4220 Advanced Leadership and Team Development (4)
An advanced leadership development seminar designed to inform and challenge the student on themes of leadership principles and practices. The student will be exposed to a broad range of leadership issues through readings, interactions and discussions with practitioners, and an in-depth group supervisory experiential activity offering in depth analysis and feedback. Implications of human relations in the team management process are investigated. Emphasis will be on the study of management concepts and practices and include planning and strategic management, organization behavior and leadership, operations management, and the management of human resources. Prerequisites: HRE-1550 and HRE-3220, junior or senior status

HRE 4450 Seminar in Training and Organizational Development (4)
Provides an overview of the training and development functions in business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations. Students will be introduced to major topics in training and development, including organizational strategy, needs assessment, adult learning, training evaluation, management development, selection of appropriate instructional methods, computer and web-based training, and organizational change and development. Issues in employee development including assessment of employee competencies, opportunities for learning and growth, and the roles of managers in employee development are explored. Application of course concepts will be based in program marketing, proposal writing, funding, workshop development, and evaluation. Prerequisites: HRE-1550 and HRE-3220

HRE 4710 Internship (4)
Off-campus internship experience for junior and senior human relations majors. With faculty sponsorship and department approval, students extend their educational experience through internships in diverse settings related to their major studies. Four credits may be counted toward fulfilling major requirements. Prerequisites: HRE-3710, Human Relations major and 20 credits in human relations

HRE 4880 Policy and Research Methodology (4)
Policy development, analysis, and implementation are examined within a variety of organizational contexts. Research methods are explored through a practical approach to research and writing in the social sciences. Topics include evaluation of published research, hypothesis development and testing, data collection and analysis, and the writing of a major research report. Emphasis will be placed on the use of empirical evidence in policy creation and writing. Research projects will be formally presented to the public through the Human Relations, Sociology, and Nonprofit Senior Symposium. Prerequisites: Human Relations major and 20 credits in human relations