B.A. Human Relations - Program Overview

The central focus of the Human Relations major is to develop a student's understanding of various aspects of interpersonal relations linked to individual, group and organizational goal achievement and to develop skills necessary for professional success via a hands-on approach.

The academic program addresses a student's theoretical and practical competencies in interpersonal communications, group and team dynamics, organizational behavior, leadership, conflict resolution, public relations, project management and research methods.

All Human Relations majors are required to complete an academic internship. This experience not only assists students with summer and part-time opportunities, they often lead to full-time positions upon graduation. The Human Relations service-learning opportunities consistently provide the foundation for the experience sought by today's employer.

Each student, with the support of his/her academic advisor, is mentored through the internship application process to obtain and complete an off-campus experience that offers real world experience in a variety of settings. The internship allows each student to experience, first hand, his/her ideal professional role upon planning to either enter the workforce or begin graduate school. Students have completed internships both locally and globally, with each internship experience being individually designed to meet the student's interest and needs.

The Human Relations faculty embraces the application of theoretical concepts via engaging students in off-campus course related experiences. This program has pioneered this concept and successfully applied the experiential approach as a nationally recognized hallmark of the major. Presently each student completing the Human Relations major will earn a minimum of 200 contact hours working in a professional environment. Previous students have developed strategic plans, created marketing strategies, facilitated training workshops, coordinated special events, written news releases, attended professional conferences, evaluated programs, developed budgets and a myriad of learning activities.

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations often secure leadership and management positions as directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders in a wide spectrum of corporate and nonprofit organizations. Previous graduates have obtained positions in human resources, corporate leadership development, management training programs, project management, public relations, marketing, sales and other professional roles.

An increasing number of program graduates are entering graduate schools around the nation with much success. Graduates choosing to continue their education often obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Masters of Public Administration (MPA), Adult Education, Counseling or a Masters of Science in Management (MS) depending on individual career objectives.