B.A. Nonprofit Leadership & Management - Degree Requirements

Requirements for a B.A. in Nonprofit Leadership and Management (34 credits):

  • NPL 1250 Nonprofit Organizations and the Voluntary Sector
  • NPL 2750 Volunteerism and Philanthropy
  • NPL 3250 Fundraising and Program Evaluation
  • NPL 3300 Counseling and the Helping Professions
  • NPL 3710 Service Learning Practicum
  • NPL 4710 Internship
  • NPL 4880 Policy and Research Methodology
  • HRE 3220 Leadership Development and Group Dynamics
  • One course selected from:

    COM 2235 Public Relations Techniques
    HRE 3550 Project Development and Management
    HRE 4220 Advanced Leadership and Team Development
    4450 Seminar in Training and Organizational Development
    NPL 4110 Undergraduate Research
    4120 Independent Study
    SOC 3040 Social and Global Inequalities
Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.