B.A. Nonprofit Leadership & Management - Program Overview

A central focus within the Nonprofit Leadership and Management major at High Point University is student engagement and professional experience in the learning process. As students develop from their experiences, they are advised in preparing for a career in the nonprofit sector.

Classes include direct professional experience that prepares students for a nonprofit career as well as graduate study in the nonprofit field. These class experiences range from partnering with a local nonprofit to develop and manage a fundraising campaign, to creating a public relations strategy to increase awareness of an important community issue. Students are engaged throughout the academic experience to meet their professional objectives.

In collaboration with faculty, students receive assistance in planning their academic experience, professional development and initial steps of a career plan. This process is designed to foster students' confidence in showcasing their academic knowledge, utilizing practical skills and launching their career.

The Nonprofit Leadership and Management faculty embraces the opportunity apply theoretical concepts through off-campus course-related experiences. Presently, each student completing the Nonprofit Leadership and Management major will earn a minimum of 200 professional hours. Previous students have developed strategic plans, designed community-based programs, developed and implemented volunteer recruitment strategies, coordinated special events, attended professional conferences, evaluated community-based programs, developed budgets and participated in a myriad of learning activities.

All Nonprofit Leadership and Management majors are required to complete an academic internship. This experience not only assists students and part-time opportunities, but often leads to full-time positions upon graduation. The Nonprofit Leadership and Management service-learning opportunities consistently provide the foundation for the experience sought by today's employer.

Each student, with the support of his/her academic advisor, is mentored through the internship application process to obtain and complete an off-campus experience that offers real world experience in a variety of settings. The internship allows each student to experience, first hand, his/her ideal professional role upon planning to either enter the workforce or begin graduate school. Students have completed internships both locally and internationally, with each internship experience being individually designed to meet the student's interest and needs.

The Nonprofit Leadership and Management major emphasizes research that is applicable to the nonprofit sector and graduate study on the nonprofit field. Students practices research methods in collaboration with faculty, such as independent research project design, data gathering techniques, data analysis and report writing. Practical research and writing methods focus on policy development, analysis and implementation, with topics that include:

  • Evaluation of published research
  • Hypothesis development and testing and
  • Data collection and analysis.

Emphasis is placed on the use of empirical evidence in policy creation and writing. Research projects are formally presented to the public through the annual departmental research symposium. As the nonprofit studies major develops, an increasing number of students are being accepted to graduate schools across the country and furthering their education.