B.A. Sociology - Degree Requirements

Requirements for a B.A. in Sociology (36 credits):

  • SOC 1010 The Individual and Society or ANT 1020 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 2050 Classical Theory and Contemporary Applications
  • OC/PSC 2018 Research Methods Political Science and Sociology
  • Six additional courses (24 credits) in Sociology with the following guidelines:

    Only 4 hours of internship can be counted toward fulfilling major requirements and no more than 8 hours of SOC 4018.

    Majors must complete at least 4 hours toward major in a 4000 level course.

    In addition only 2 of 6 SOC electives may be fulfilled with cross-listed courses. SOC 2020 Sociology of Mass Communication, 2030 Sociology of the Family, 2040 Race and Ethnicity, 2060 Sociology of Culture, Religion, and Society, 2070 Sociological Social Psychology, 3020 Appalachian Society and Nonprofits (A Travel America Course), 3030 Sociology of Health and Illness, 3040 Social & Global Inequalities, 3060 International Migration, 3070 The Social Construction of Deviance, 3090, 3091, 3092 and 3093 Professional Internship in Sociology, 4000 Environment & Society, 4010 Visual Sociology and Social Documentation, 4015 Sociology of Work and Family, 4018 Research Practicum, 4020 Senior Thesis I, 4021 Senior Thesis II, SOC/COM 2282 Players, Gamers, and Game Cultures, SOC/COM 3334, 3374, 3384
Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.