Welcome to Department of Music

The Department of Music at High Point University is one of the fastest growing programs on campus. Students studying music are challenged to not only refine their technical skills through lessons and ensemble participation, but to improve their musicianship through multiple solo and ensemble performances. All current and prospective students who have a background in music are encouraged to consider either a major or minor in music or double majoring in music and another subject area. Scholarship money is available to music majors, members of advanced vocal ensembles, and the HPU Pep Band. Although the number of music majors and minors is increasing every semester, you do not have to be a major or minor to participate in music ensembles or earn applicable scholarship money. The Department of Music at High Point University is open to all HPU students. Come share your talents with us!

The music curriculum offered at High Point University is unique, innovative, and reflective of the highest standards in collegiate music instruction. By utilizing an integrative learning style, our curriculum gives students a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the art of music-making in the 21st century.

We have developed this new method of teaching by integrating the disciplines of Music Theory, Music History, Aural Skills, and Music Literature into a single, four-semester sequence of "Music Core" classes. This sequence of courses presents the essentials of music theory and aural skills, while exploring the development of music in history, and always applying the theoretical concepts of music to actual performances. This integrative learning style enables students to understand the development of music in an organic and holistic manner, and teaches them how what they learn in the classroom is directly applicable to their work on their individual instrument and ultimately, to the stage.

Additionally, our curriculum allows each student to take free departmental electives in their junior and senior years that can enhance their specific areas of interest. In this way, we can fully prepare our students for however they choose to use the BA degree in Music after leaving HPU. Some potential areas of secondary emphasis are Music Business, Jazz Studies, Sacred Music, Musical Theatre, Opera, Music Technology, Music Education, etc. Because students are given so much flexibility within the degree program, the possibilities for secondary areas are almost limitless.