B.A. International Relations - Degree Requirements

Requirements for B.A. in International Relations (40-48 credits):

  • Core courses:
    PSC 2710. International Relations
    ECO 2010. Modern Economics
    PSC/SOC 2018. Research Methods in Political Science and Sociology
    Foreign language: 2020-level or higher. After fulfilling the University's general educational requirement for foreign language, majors will complete at least four additional hours in the same language. At least one foreign language course must be taken at the Intermediate-II level or higher.
  • Choose two courses from:
    PSC/GBS 2510. Comparing Foreign Political Systems
    ECO 3460. International Economics
    ECO 4430. Comparative Economics
  • Choose one course from:
    HST 1102. Foundations in Western Civilization since the Enlightenment
    HST 1401. Foundations of African History
    HST 1501. Introduction to East Asian Civilization
    HST 1601. Foundations of Latin American Civilization
    HST 1701. Foundations of Middle Eastern History
  • Choose two courses outside of those taken to meet the requirements above from:
    ECO 3460. International Economics
    ECO 4430. Comparative Economics
    GEO 3001. Regional and Political Geography
    HST 2103. The Second World War: A Global History
    HST 2235. U.S. in the World: American Foreign Relations
    HST 2602. Modern Latin America
    HST 2701. The Modern Middle East
    HST 3107. The Age of Revolutions and the Birth of Modern Europe, 1815-1914
    HST 3108. Europe in Crisis, 1914 to 1945
    HST 3191. European Economic History
    HST 3245. Bombs and Ballet: the Cultural Cold War
    HST 3501. United States and East Asia
    HST 3702. The Arab-Israeli Conflict
    HST/PSC 3701. The United States and the Middle East since 1945
    PSC 4099. Senior Seminar
    PSC 4710. International Conflict and Security
    PSC 4720. US Foreign Policy
    PSC/GBS 3510. Latin American Politics
    PSC/GBS 3520. Religious Movements and Politics in a Global Perspective
  • Choose one of the following three options:
    PSC 4099. Senior Seminar.
    Four credits earned in INR 4810-4815 Student Internship. The internship must be undertaken in the junior or senior year, and credit is subject to departmental approval.
    Four credits earned in the completion of a semester-long study abroad experience undertaken in the junior or senior year. The hours used to fulfill this requirement may not satisfy other requirements in the major.
  • Other Requirements: At least three courses at the 3000-level or higher; at least one class must be at the 4000-level.
  • No more than four classes may count toward both a major in International Relations and Political Science.
Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.