B.A. Political Science - Degree Requirements

Requirements for B.A. in Political Science (36 credits):

  • Core courses:
    PSC 1010. Contemporary Issues and Politics or PSC 1011 Enduring Issues in Political Thought
    PSC 2310. American Politics
    PSC 2018. Research Methods in Political Science and Sociology
    PSC/GBS 2510.Comparing Foreign Political Systems or PSC 2710. International Relations
    PSC 4099. Senior Seminar or PSC 4810-4815. Student Intern Program. The internship must be undertaken in the junior or senior year and credit is subject to departmental approval
    16 credits of political science courses outside of the classes taken to meet the requirements listed above.
  • General elective coursework may include independent study coursework, special topic classes, and a maximum of four credits in the Student Intern Program if the student is not using internship hours to meet other major requirements.
  • Other Requirements: Majors are required to take at least three courses at the 3000-level or higher; at least one class must be at the 4000-level.
Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.